Dane Cook

Comedian Dane Cook released multiple comedy albums, including Harmful if Swallowed (2003) and Retaliation (2005). He has since done multiple comedy acts and acted in film.


Dane Cook was born on March 18, 1972, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He grew up imitating his favorite comedians such as Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson. In 1990, he started performing in comedy clubs and released his first album in 2003. His second album went, Retaliation (2005), went double platinum, becoming the most popular comedy album in nearly 30 years. After the success of his sophomore album, Cook has continued his active career as a comedian and transitioned into film, starring in Employee of the Month (2006) and Mr. Brooks (2007).

Early Life and Career

Comedian and actor Dane Cook was born on March 18, 1972, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cook was raised Irish Catholic alongside six siblings in the Boston suburbs. As a kid, he would perform stand-up for his family, often mimicking his favorite TV comedians like Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson. He began performing in comedy clubs in 1990 and landed a spot on Comedy Central's Premium Blend in 1998. It was the first of many collaborations with the cable network and the beginning of Cook's rise to fame.

Comedic Breakthrough

In 2003, Cook released his first full-length comedy album, Harmful If Swallowed. Early in his career, he launched DaneCook.com to promote his work and stay personally connected to his fans. He was also one of the first celebrities to add a profile to MySpace. In 2005, his sophomore effort, Retaliation, went double platinum, becoming the most successful comedy album since Steve Martin's A Wild and Crazy Guy in 1978. That year, he founded Superfinger Entertainment in order to produce his own albums and videos.

Cook's legions of fans have made him one of the hottest comics in the industry, evidenced by three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden in 2006. Later that year, he starred in an HBO special, Vicious Circle, which was filmed in his hometown.

Acting Career

Cook has also pursued an acting career, appearing in such comedies as 1999's Mystery Men and 2003's 8 Guys, which he also wrote and directed. In 2006, he landed his first leading role in Employee of the Month with Jessica Simpson. In 2007, he appeared in the dark thriller Mr. Brooks with Kevin Costner, Demi Moore and William Hurt. His other films include Good Luck Chuck (2007) and Dan in Real Life (2007).

Personal Life

Cook lives with his girlfriend, Valli Girls frontwoman Raquel Houghton, in Los Angeles.

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