George Kelly

George Kelly was convicted of killing the manager of Liverpool’s Cameo Cinema in 1949 and subsequently hanged, only to be cleared of the charges in 2003.

Who Was George Kelly?

At the age of 27, George Kelly was convicted of the March 19, 1949, killing of Leonard Thomas, the manager of the Cameo Cinema in Liverpool, England.

Because of the brutality of the infamous murder, which included the death of Thomas' assistant, John Catterall, nearly 70,000 people were interviewed to find the suspects. With little evidence, Kelly and Charles Connolly, an alleged co-conspirator, were put on trial for the crime — which became the longest criminal trial in English history at the time. In the aftermath of the proceedings, Connolly spent 10 years in prison, while Kelly was hanged on March 28, 1950, for Thomas' murder.

On June 10, 2003, more than 50 years after his execution, Kelly's murder conviction was overturned, as it was revealed that evidence concerning another suspect had been concealed during the original investigation. (That suspect was Donald Johnson who had admitted to a prisoner named Robert Graham that he had gunned down the two men.)

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