Marie de’ Medici

Marie de’ Medici is best known for serving as queen consort of Henry IV of France.


Marie de' Medici was born on April 26, 1575, in Florence, Italy. The daughter of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, who was married to Henry IV of France and gave birth to Louis XIII in 1601. She would be banished following the death of her husband and the rise of her son and his adviser Richelieu.

Queen Consort of Henry IV

Born in Florence, Italy, on April 26, 1575, Marie de' Medici is best known for serving as qeen consort of Henry IV of France. The daughter of Francesco de' Medici, grand duke of Tuscany, Marie married Henry in 1600, following his divorce from his first wife, Margaret. Marie gave birth to a son (later Louis XIII) in 1601.

Later Life

After her husband's death in 1610, Marie de' Medici acted as regent, but her capricious behaviour and dependence on favourites led to her confinement in Blois when Louis assumed royal power in 1617.

Marie continued to intrigue against Louis and her former protégé, Richelieu, who had become the king's adviser, and was subsequently banished to Compigne, but escaped to Brussels (1631). Her final years were spent in poverty.

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