Oscar Levant

Oscar Levant was a talented pianist, comic actor and writer. His films include the 1951 movie An American in Paris.


Oscar Levant was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 27, 1906. He studied composition with Schoenberg, but was close friends with George Gershwin and became a talented pianist. Also a comic actor, he also appeared on TV and in films. His movies included the 1951 hit An American In Paris. He died in Beverly Hills, California on August 14, 1972.


Pianist and actor, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. He studied composition with Schoenberg, but his close friendship with Gershwin was the determining factor in his career, becoming as a pianist one of the foremost Gershwin interpreters. At the same time, he had an active career as a screen and radio humorist and author, his films including An American in Paris (1951), and his books including Memoirs of an Amnesiac (1965).

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