Zac Hanson

Zac Hanson, along with his two brothers, is a member of the band Hanson. The group rose to fame in the 1990s with their hit single “MMMBop.”


Zac Hanson was born on October 22, 1985 in Arlington, Virgina and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He and his brothers Isaac and Taylor formed the pop band Hanson and became known for their mega-hit single "MMMBop," as well as additional hits "I Will Come to You" and "Where’s the Love." Zac is a Grammy-nominated artist and continues to produce new music.

Early Life

Zachary Walker Hanson was born on October 22, 1985 in Arlington, Virginia and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Zac was home-schooled by his mother and at a young age he and his brothers, future band mates Taylor and Isaac, discovered their father’s rock and roll albums. The boys became increasingly interested in music and walked around the house singing. Soon after Zac began to play the drums.

Becoming a Band

The three brothers formed a band and began to perform everywhere they could, including parties, state fairs and café parking lots. While the boys played these venues their mother would sold Hanson’s independently released first album, Boomerang. The record featured the three boys singing three-part harmony and their second indie album featured an early rendition of their later hit single "MMMBop."

In 1994, Zac and his brothers took their album to the South by Southwest music festival, where they sang a cappella for music lawyer Christopher Sabec and impressed him. Sabec became their manager and eventually connected the trio with record producer Steven Greenberg, who signed the band to Mercury Records.

Hit With 'MMMBop'

Hanson’s contract with Greenberg and Mercury Records included a six-album deal. Their first studio album with a major label, Middle of Nowhere, was released in 1997, and featured their platinum and Grammy-nominated No. 1 single "MMMBop," along with Top 10 hits "I Will Come to You" and "Where’s the Love."

Hanson’s follow up to Nowhere was the Christmas release Snowed In, which also went platinum and reached the Top 10. Then in 2000 the brothers released This Time Around, which went gold and peaked in the Top 20. The band has continued to record albums after creating their own label, 3CG. While not replicating the commercial success of their major label efforts, the brothers have continued to make their way in the indie market while spearheading African charity work.

Hanson has played together for more than twenty years and in 2013 they released Anthem, featuring the single "Get the Girl Back."

Personal Life

Zac married longtime girlfriend Kate Tucker in 2006. The couple have two children and are expecting their third child in the fall of 2013.

Zac and his brother’s celebrated their band’s 21st anniversary in 2013 by releasing their own beer, Mmmhops.

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